Fifty Shades of Red

Burgundy, Carmine, RoseWood, Vermillion…
Only the names of these shades of red make us wonder why we don’t have a lipstick for each of them. You probably have your own favorite color in your lipstick collection. And it might not even be red.
Well, we found a place where you can make up your own favorite color. And it it’s truly addictive.

Matt or Glossy, Red or Blue, Lavender or Mango, Bite Beauty Lip Lab allows your inner makeup artist to express herself. Walk in their Lab in Soho to get a custom lipstick created from A to Z.
Their (trained) Lip Lab artists will blend the colors you’re playing with to get to your perfect shade.

Once – and it will take some time, believe us – you’ve settled on one freshly created color, you will be able to pick a scent for your lipstick. From lavender to mango and wild berry, you get to choose the one that you will want everyone to eat. Make your lips irresistible.

IMG_4438(1).JPGThe process after that is really simple. Your artist will melt all of the pieces of colors (they look like candies) you’ve chosen, following the unique recipe she will have written during your attempts. After that, she pours the liquid on a chill platter which will create the shape of your stick and go into the packaging, also custom. And Voilaaa!

Treat yourself, or think about your Christmas gifts. This will make someone happy anyway, even people who have everything. Wink, Wink.

Located in Soho, at 174 Prince St, Lip Lab is open 7 days a week. Make sure to book an appointment – $45 for one lipstick. $60 for two. Bring your bestie and get your lips happy!