We Should Totally Buy a Bar!

Born from Eben Freeman’s mind, famous mixologist in New York, Genuine Liquorette is the spot we chose for our first email to our Chéris. Why? Simple – it’s new, it’s original and it’s fun.
We noticed this concept bar in Little Italy. Yeah, ok… We hear you, it’s usually not the neighborhood where you want to spend your weekends! Yet, this place is definitely worth checking before everyone knows about it.
Once you’ll be passed the plastic curtain downstairs, you will understand why this place is so special.
Like Barney & Ted, we all dreamed once of having our own bar!! Here, you pick one (or several) bottles of your favorite liquor. You weight them. You mix your own drink. You weight them again. The price of your drink will actually depend on what you chose. Sweet!
While you experience your (more or less impressive) mixology skills, your friends can still go at the bar and meet the “cha-chunker”! No, it’s not a name for another weird cocktail. This machine, totally invented by Eben, allows them to break through your can of soft and add a tiny liquor bottle in it. Old mixology made in new containers.
If this wasn’t enough to make you want to try this out, the bar also offers Mixology classes. If your cocktail is drinkable enough, and if you win the battle against the cha-chunker, you’ll be granted the right of wearing the Master jacket and your portrait will be pinned up behind your new favorite bar.
Can’t wait to see you there Chéri!

Entrance is located on Mulberry St, beneath Genuine Superette (if you crave a burger first, make a stop there), but the official address is 191 Grand St.
You can cha-chunk from 6pm-12pm on Tue-Wed and up to 2am on Thu-Sat. Can’t wait to see you there!