A Cabin in the Woods

Brrr…Do you feel the winter starting to kick in? Quick, get back inside! We found a cabin in the woods for you to help you going through the winter. This lodge will take you out of NYC in less than a minute.

Every detail has been thought through to make you feel like in a ski cabin at the top of a snowy mountain. Mulled wine, fireplace, fat leather armchairs, bunk beds with blankets and a wooden communal table. Can’t get much cozier than that! You can also feel adventurous and seat outside close to a fire-pit surrounded by pine trees or explore the forest paths. They might lead you to a boathouse filled with sheepskins, or to the bedroom with blankets and old books. Look outside the window, pine trees, fire-pit… And the skyline! Right, you’re actually on a rooftop in Chelsea, The Lodge at Gallow Green.

To be able to sip a cup of mulled wine in a rocking chair with a warm blanket, go to the McMittrick Hotel (Sleep No More venue), take an elevator to the 6th floor with a very welcoming host, go across the restaurant enlightened by a Jazz band directly out of a movie from the 30’s, and pull the wooden door handle, weighed down by tin cans.

P.S.: This place will transform in summer.

P.S.2: This place also has an amazing brunch!

Open every weekday from 5 PM – Open every weekend from noon – 542 West 27th – map