Grime and Glam in the 80’s


“Sure NYC was more dangerous and gritty back in the 80s, but man…It was also a lot more fun!”

When we met this guy for the first time, we felt like time-traveling. We found Richard Sandler while we were looking for an exceptional gift for exceptional friends. After someone mentioned his name, we called him: ‘Ring, Ring…(yes the phone sounds also like in the 70’s)[..] Yes sure, come to my place – 1st and 10th!”

And boom, here we are, ringing at the door of one of the many very-special NY’s artist apartments. Right in East Village, this apartment has remained in the 80s. The music is played on vinyl, old movies and art exhibit posters on the walls, and… Pictures. Because that’s why we’re here.
At Richard’s place, photographer between the 1970s and 2000s, you can purchase some art. 30 years of photography, mostly in NYC. A city that most of us haven’t known: gritty, grimy, and glamorous.

“New York is not the same anymore. In the 80s, rent was so cheap that many artists were choosing to live in Manhattan despite the dangers. The city was my muse.”
All of the pictures are offset printed (vs digital printing) and sometimes on paper that is not sold anymore, except for the biggest formats. They all have been shot by the same camera. One and only during 30 years. They all have a story. They all mean something.
“I always had my camera with me. All the time. Wandering in the streets of New York, looking for something to happen and ready to shoot it.”

Richard Sandler is a man with several lives. He told us he founded the first organic supermarket in NY (long before Whole Foods), then became a photographer, then an acupuncture specialist, then… We’ll stop there. He can remember where all the pictures have been taken, and what was happening, and how street art started in NYC. After spending 2 hours talking about how life was in NY in the 80s, we picked few pictures and had a tough choice when we had to buy only one. But the good news came pretty soon: he’s publishing a book that will be out soon in March, so stay tuned!

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