Flirting with the West

We discovered a place in NYC where tiny is a great thing, where cultural mix ends up in a great way, where coffee meets sake, where East meets West. This coffee/bar is the kind of place making us love NYC so much. In few facts, here is why it’s interesting:

  1. There are only 13 seats
  2. It’s a Japanese coffee inspired from the western world
  3. It’s a sake bar with knowledgeable experts
  4.  It’s decorated with a taste of the Japanese Jazz Age (1910-1920)

Don’t ask for coffee after 5 PM at Hi-Collar, at night, the place serves only sake and authentic Japanese snack food. They do have pasta on the menu, but this Kissaten-style dish is actually a favorite in Japan. Be adventurous and try the raw octopus, or stay classic with the amazing beef platter. Don’t expect a full menu, this place has 2 bartenders, very few seats, and only some items to eat. The sake selection is, however, incredible, and if you don’t know anything about sake, the bartender will be carefully selecting one for you depending on your tastes.

During the day, Hi-Collar dresses up differently and becomes a very detailed-oriented, western-inspired Japanese coffee. You probably already have your favorite coffee place, but don’t ask for your favorite pumpkin latte extra foam cappuccino here. It’s actually a traditional Kissaten , literally a “tea-drinking shop”, super popular in Japan for breakfast.

Hi-Collar specializes in Siphon coffee and the preparation of your coffee worth the visit. Everything is about details and finesse. Check the details on the silverware, the flame under the siphon or the delicate flowers on your sake platter.

Take a sip and enjoy the peace.

East or West. Sake or Coffee. High collar with hot coffee or loose collar after few sake drinks!

This weird combination of coffee and sake is located on E 10th st- the good part of it – between 2nd and 1st av. Around $14 for a sake, food is not expensive at all, and coffee is around $5.


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