Break Free from All Things Normal

“Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there”Rumi

That could be a good sum up of the party we had on Thursday. Impossible to describe. Let us try in few words: prohibition-style costumed people, secret meeting point at 6.30, music healing meditation, speaker series and sober party.

This is one of a kind in New York.
A party where no one drinks. A party starting at 6.30 PM or 6 AM. A party in a unique unknown location. A party where your community and your love are sacred. A party to break free from anything normal. Daybreaker in the morning has been around for few years in New York and some major cities in the world, and people love it. It’s an enormous success. Just imagine: a bunch of kooky people waking up and meeting at 6 AM to do a one hour yoga and a one hour party. And once it’s done, once you’ve danced your ass off, you can take a shower and go to work.

Daybreaker-logoYou might have heard of it already as it’s the new trendy party kind in NYC. What we tried on Thursday was a bit different, a Daybreaker at Dusk. The concept is similar but happens at night. We participated to the very first one, and it all occurred in a Synagogue, music healing meditation, followed by a live concert. The You have a secret meeting point, everyone meditate together, and after a euphoric concert, people start to dance as if it was 2 AM, whereas it’s only 8 PM, and green juices, probiotics sodas and kale salads are at the bar.

It’s all about taking care of your body and your soul. Meditation by dancing. If you think you cannot do that without a drink, I still invite you to give it a try, the good energy and positive vibes of this community won’t leave you indifferent. You choose in the morning or at night.

The Dusk version will only happen four more times, so stay tuned!

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