The Capricious Child of Williamsburg

We’re taking you to Brooklyn! Where North and South Williamsburg meet, to be more exact. We want to talk about all the bars in this neighborhood, but we’ve decided to start with a bar with a sleek design and cheap beer. A speakeasy in Williamsburg? Yes, it actually is a thing.

Larry Lawrence, on Grand St, is a sophisticated place where you still feel so comfortable. Nestled at the end of a concrete hallway, with just the word “Bar”  at the top, this bar is a huge loft space with a sleek design, wood benches, brick walls, and warm lights in every alcove. If you’re on the early-bird crew, Larry Lawrence will give you the space to sip a beer with your friends, have a smoke on the balcony without feeling excluded, as the balcony has a big window overlooking the bar, and chat about the beauty of life. Join after 11 PM and the place is filled with a hip young crowd moving their bodies on an indie & folkie rock playlist.

This intimate and not overrated bar is definitely one of our favorite in this neighborhood. After few beers, you will definitely feel like this is your own bar.

Named after a capricious child of the owner’s friends, this little gem is located at 295 Grand St in Brooklyn. You can party there from 7 PM to 4 AM and beers are around $6