New Seed in the Brooklyn Foodie Ground

Foodies from NYC, we found the right place for a new culinary experience!

Semilla, recently opened in Brooklyn – Havemeyer Street -, is a vegetable-forward restaurant, which means the meat or the fish will come to support vegetables. A duo of two well-known chefs (Per-Se, The Chef’s Table, and Isa) have created an innovative 8-10 course menu, which changes daily or weekly.

The experience starts at the entrance and all along the dinner.

When you arrive, hang your coat the same way as at your parent’s and then take place in the U-shaped central bar. Then, in a classic restaurant, someone would bring you a menu. Here, there’s no menu… No menu?… No, no menu at all (and don’t look on the website you won’t find anything, so stay with me 🙂 ), you only get to choose the beverages.

While you’re enjoying the view of the kitchen and on the chefs cooking, the dinner starts and sometimes the chefs themselves bring you the plates, whispering you what is on it and making the experience even more special.

The courses go on and on, being always surprising and very creative visually and taste-wise. You will discover various textures and mix of flavors but also the most delicious bread 💙ever made by Pamela Yung, crusty and fresh as ever.

Exploring the menu bit by bit (and bite by bite #jokejoke) make the dinner so incredible that you don’t want it to end. We recommend you share that experience with a close person because the venue is made for intimate dinner (and is also on the pricey side).

But even if Semilla is currently one of the finest restaurants in New York, it feels like home, with very attentive waiters and a casual atmosphere emphasized by the salsa music and the shape of space.

One last tip, take a break to the bathroom, and check out the unbeatable view from there!

Ok, one final tip: the full experience doesn’t end right after the dinner but two days after… Suspense at its max!

You can start the experience in Williamsburg – South 2nd & Havenmeyer St – and the pre-fix menu is $85 and is totally worth it.

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