Sparkly & Blurry Nights in Bushwick

Blurry Bushwick Nights. Whether you’re a newbie to Bushwick nightlife, or you’re a vet of the new favorite ragging area for the New Yorkers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by House of Yes.

House of Yes - Burlesque BangOn show - BushwickBefore Brooklyn became the trendiest neighborhood in NYC, House of Yes was located in East Williamsburg and organizing big underground parties, without all the licenses but with super cheap beers and crazy shows. Now that Williamsburg is a grown-up, and the DIY parties are not really happening anymore, they had to close their old venue but re-opened recently in Bushwick (with a full license and a real lease but still lots of fun), partially helped by a Kickstarter project. This venue offers a mix between circus, cabaret, and warehouse-style party. Now becoming the new place to rage in NYC, you should try it before it becomes overpriced or overcrowded by young Manhattan hipsters-to-be. Featuring different kinds of shows every night, House of Yes is always full of surprises and not one night will be the same. Join early to see great performers or late to party and dance your ass off. As the owner said, it’s “just enough of everything.” Every night has its own sparkle.

Different night shows are scheduled: circus, burlesque, aerial trapeze but even Jazz and Brunches! We tried the BangON!NYC party: awesome electro music, great show with fire-eaters, trapezes, silent disco headsets and more (we told you it’s a bit blurry!). They have an outside space where you can have a cigarette or eat a falafel. The venue is big enough to make crazy parties, but small enough so that you never lose your friends, and can also make new friends easily.

House of Yes - Bushwick - All that Glitters teamWe also had the chance to meet the crew from “All That Glitters“. Two girls who will make your night extra sparkley! Writers by Day, Body Art makers by night, they started this company few months ago to escape the real office life and make nights a little more special for everyone. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you need to make a special night!

Add sparkles your nightlife at House of Yes on Wyckoff Avenue – Opened until late enough!! (7 am) – Liquor around $10 and Beers around $5 – Food available on site (and that’s something we love!)