Italian Elegance in Brooklyn

Everyone complains about Williamsburg becoming the new Manhattan: rent is exploding, and high-rise buildings are becoming popular. Although it’s not what we hoped for this neighborhood to become, it also implies great changes. More and more fantastic restaurants are opening there, and we especially love one those located in an old garage (Com’on, it’s still Brooklyn ;)).

Lilia - Williamsburg - open kitchen - chefMissy Robbins, known as one of the favorite Chefs of the Obama family, has opened Lilia few months ago. This new Italian restaurant has replaced an old auto-body shop in a magical way. The windows all along the place, the high ceilings, and the loft atmosphere give to Lilia extra points of Brooklyner cuteness. It’s casual but the Cuisine is so fine, it’s Brooklyn but don’t expect hoodies and skateboards here, it’s Italian but… No, wait, no but. It’s Italian, and it’s delicious.

With fresh pasta, homemade mozzarella, and grilled seafood, Lilia’s team provides a flawless dining experience oriented on simple ingredients but – oh my god!- so flavorful menu. We just can’t get enough! All of these delectable plates are cooked in an entirely open kitchen, where you can see everything being prepared, from the wood grill to the detailed plating. You’ll be drooling before even look at the menu.

If you don’t make a reservation, get ready to wait, the place is very popular every night of the week (We managed to get a reservation at 9.30pm on a Monday night whoohoo!!) – and kudos to the team to send text reminders before your reservation, informing you also not to forget to leave room for the upcoming dessert 🙂

The place is also a coffee with pastries in the morning, to-go sandwiches for lunch and cocktails at the beginning of the night.

Must-try: Grilled clams, Homemade Mozzarella and Chocolate Ice Cream with unlimited toppings! On Union Av. in  North Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We reccommend you to share Apetizers & Pasta around $15 each – Open every day