Dine-In Theater in Bushwick

“Netflix & Chill” (the real one) is the sometimes the best. Even for New-Yorkers.

But to make it happen, it often takes one hour on Seamless to decide what you want to eat and an another hour on Netflix to choose the movie (and if you are two, double the time for each…) Too much of an effort, don’t you think?

An excellent team composed of Chef Bret Macris (from Campanile in LA and Rose Water in Brooklyn) and Tim Chung (former film location scout) have recently created “Syndicated” in Bushwick, aka the perfect place to spend this kind of night.

It’s a bar, a restaurant and a separate movie theater. You can book online your tickets for one or two old independent and classic films. When you get there, seat tight at one of the two seat-tables in the intimate theater. Waiters will discreetly take orders both before and during the movie. Just circle your choices on the menu and pin it on top of the table. Enjoy gourmet popcorn, American comfort food (appetizers and burgers), beers and cocktails.

The full menu is available at the restaurant, which is also a nicely decorated and trendy spot to spend a night.

So who’s in to chill with us next time? 🙂

Meet us at 40 Bogart Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn. Stop at Morgan Avenue on the L train. Movie ticket from $3 – can’t beat that – From Monday to Sunday.