Sensorial Experience at the Invisible Dog

Time for a little bit of culture! We found the hippest exhibit in NYC right now. It’s up until April 14, so no more excuses to sit on your couch, save your Sunday and get your brain stimulated by a multi-sensorial exhibit. Plus, even only the venue where it’s held is worth a visit.

The Invisible Dog was transformed in 2008 and get its name from its old use as a factory for Invisible Dog Toys. You can still see some buckles, belts, molds, and industrial fixtures. The Art Center now is now a residence for artists, and host visual arts, dance, theater and other disciplines. It’s meant to be an interdisciplinary venue and right now, Anima is in the spotlight.

A wood tunnel has been set up at the entrance by the artist and its team to disorientate the visitor. At the end of it, it’s not light, but the silence of a forest and a huge head dipping in water. Combining work from anthropologists, artists and magician, Anima is an experience to live and no words can describe it well. Go check it (and if you miss it, make sure to get the next exhibit)!

Visit this exhibit at 51 Bergen St in Brooklyn. Thursday to Saturday, from 1 to 7pm, Sunday from 1 to 5pm.  Anima is part of Armory week.



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