Aloha From the Sharks

Picture this: you under a coconut tree, laying on a hot sandy beach with a Mai Tai in your hand. Sounds like a dream, right? What if I told you there’s a place where you can feel like this in NYC? We just made you save a ticket to Hawaii, and probably found you the best way to survive the absence of Spring…

We know you have re-organized your wardrobe already, and you’re struggling every day not to get out with this cute outfit you already bought when the weather just started to get warm. While you fight with this inner fashion struggle, Mother of Pearl will give you an excuse to get the flower dress out of your dressing, and your open-toes shoes as well. You can slurp an umbrella-decked, shark-eyed cocktail with the breeze from the tropical leaves fans at this Tiki bar. A tropical island in the grungy Alphabet City.

At Mother of Pearl, everything screams Aloha, and you’d just wish there would be sand on the floor to dig your toes in. Instead of sand, you’ll find a retro floral-patterned decor, carved stools and – we never emphasize too much – fake leaves fans on the walls.

Make sure to keep your phone beside you when you’ll order your cocktail, the Shark Eye preparation is indubitably instagrammable, and all other island flavored cocktails have something special too. You will also quickly be trying the tasteful dishes that Mother of Pearl offers: small vegan plates with a twisted Hawaiian spirit.

Dream about hot weather on Avenue A and E 6th st – $15 for your pic-worthy cocktails