We’ve got the perfect playlist for you

While you’re probably at work, listening to your favorite – but heard too many times – playlist from Spotify, we’ve been hanging around in Brooklyn and we found a UFO on the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg. In this place, flamingos are listening to electro music, and coffee is served from a shipping container which miraculously landed on a triangular plot of land. The weird shape of this lot has probably prevent a huge condo building to be built her and instead a Belgian multimedia producer has decided to start something that was missing in NYC: an independent radio community.

Broadcasting everyday from the container, thelotradio.com features all the DJs sets live on their website. You can choose to listen to it right now, or you can also pay them a visit and listen to them live. At night, the spot will attract a small young crowd, drinking beers and listening live to the DJs. Some of them have also their phone plugged and listen to the music from the application (for better quality) while watching the DJ do his magic. The project is supported by Newyorkers from the house & techno scene, and is totally independent (No fee, no sponsorship and still no ads – wow :)).  Sustained by a coffee shop where they also sell pastries from local stores, the community is really active here.

Some famous names have already been seen like the resident DJ from Tiki Disco, Lloydski or the French Brodinski.  The atmosphere is totally chill, you can get there and actually chat with people in a non-club environment. The radio doesn’t want to be only electro music, and want to stay open to wide range of styles. It’s really only about music and people.

How many times have you been able to meet the people making the music you love?

Listen to thelotradio.com or check out their previous mixes on MixCloud. And… be a part of the community!