Running Late Is Not a Workout

Between drinks with your friends, date nights, brunches and work, it’s probably difficult to find time for yourself. You’re running everywhere, and you love it (most of the time). However after all these Margaritas, these eggs benedicts and the pizza slices you’re usually eating after pretending to fancy a kale salad with your date, something had to be done. For us, it took place in a new kind of boutique studio. Now that SoulCycle has sold his soul for few millions of dollars to Equinox, this might be the new place to drive NYC fitness world crazy.

Located in Noho and Nomad, the two Studios are composed of a room full of treadmills. After being assigned a treadmill, you will enjoy between 30 minutes and 1 hour of running with a group of people. Coached by trainers, sometimes even by the founder, Deborah Warner, you will feel the effort and get out of it with complete satisfaction. Mile High Run Club programs have been created to train experts joggers but also beginners. The trainers will indicate levels of speed and inclines throughout the session. You can go at your rhythm while enjoying the crazy energy from the group you’re running with.

Music and lights will be adapted to the effort to push you even harder, and we swear you’re going to love your sweat. Sponsored by Nike, there’s also a free try-out of the latest Nike shoes, you can try them and see if you like them in your workout. While most of the classes are held inside, the Mile High Run Club also proposes outdoor training and even trips abroad focuses on races or just training. Ever dreamt about running in Iceland? That might be a good time for it!

Get your sexy back with the studio starting from $199/month. If you’re not sure, you can also try it for $25.  Find a real purpose for buying new sneakers!