Treat Your Home: Embrace the Jungalow Lifestyle!

When you live in New York City, it’s hard to find affordable furniture if you refuse to have the perfect show IKEA apartment… It’s hard but not impossible anymore!

Last winter, five cool guys opened The Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op in a newly renovated warehouse in Greenpoint. The idea of creating a cooperative came up from two of the five founders. They only needed more friends to pay the expensive rent of their retail space. Today, they take shifts to run the store and keep the rest of their week for sourcing. Each one of them covers an entirely different landscape, and they mix their five styles together to create a beautiful, cozy and vintage store. 

The store has affordable mid-century pieces of furniture, colorful textile pieces, boho style home decor, vintage cookware and cute plants.  Everything here will make you want to change your home decor. Enjoy the absolute Jungalow lifestyle for an affordable price!

You may wonder wtf is Jungalow style… Another invention from New Yorkers? It’s actually a style coming straight from the bohemian 70’s and all about thrift pieces, bright colors, bold patterns, and lots and lots of plants!

Also, if you’re hunting for the perfect outfit for your next music festival, they have a quite extended assortment of vintage clothing and accessories!! 

Shop for your next favorite mid-century dresser on 37 Norman Ave in Greenpoint.