An Unexpected Flavor Couple

When a Jewish Chef marries a Japanese Chef, it can create fireworks. The culinary (and life) couple decided to mix their heritages and experiences and opened a place in the less gentrified corner of South Williamsburg.

If you’re up for a new experience on your foodie resume, this might an original place to try out. NYC offers all the unusual sorts of cuisine you can imagine, and fusion food is one of our sweet spots (Remember our articles about French/Mexican & Mediterranean/Spanish restaurants, wink wink!)

Sake Challah, Matzah Balls Ramen, Okonomiyaki with Sauerkraut… Japenese and Jewish flavors are difficult to associate, but it is done with great finesse at Shalom Japan.

In the Japanese tradition, the decor is pretty refined. Few details will remind you about Japan. Check out the curtains of the entrance and the high-tech restrooms! The menu is mainly composed of small plates to share, and that’s the best excuse to try everything! With summer coming, you’ll also love to seat outside and enjoy well-crafted cocktails and chill with friends. Their drinks are as good as (or even then better than) most of the cocktail bars from NYC.

Each dish is a surprise, ingredients or recipes you might already know but with a very creative twist. It’s tasty, flavored and the presentation is a killer for each plate.

Don’t forget to book your table, the secret hasn’t been kept about this place, and they’re always full at night.

Enjoy a new type of cuisine on South 4th in Brooklyn. Between $15 & $20 per plate for dinner, Brunch  around $18. Toda & Arigato!