Surfers Summer Playground

For this summer, forget about the Hamptons, forget about going upstate or stay at home with your AC running at the max level. This is the place you want to be every weekend this summer. And it’s only one block away from a subway station. Yes, we swear! Picture yourself waking up with the early birds to catch the best waves in Rockaways, and end up your session with an inexpensive beer, some of the best beats and food cooked by one of the beloved NY chefs.

Welcome to Playland Motel! A hotel oriented around surf, design & music (Oliver Spencer from DFA Records is the music director). 12 rooms total all imagined by a Brooklyn-based artist. An enormous outdoor deck with live DJ sets, folding chairs, splash pools and ping-pong tables. And only a few steps from the beach. If you end up there, you probably won’t come back. It feels like a vacation, but it’s probably less than an hour from your tiny and crazy hot apartment. Food and drinks are served from 9 AM to closing. It gives you the option to get breakfast after an early surf sesh, get lunch to avoid the highest sun from burning your skin, or end up there to finish the night Montauk-style.

Unlike the Hamptons, the atmosphere is totally chill; you can walk in the bar/grill with your bikini, sand on your legs, and your surfboard without anyone judging. The deck is decorated like a beach shack, with colorful umbrellas, and bleached wood, and is trying to give a new face to the Rockaways!

That’s definitely our urban beach resort for this summer, for a day or as a close-by getaway weekend!

Food from small plates ($10-12) to real entrées ($18-$20) – Cocktails around $12 – Rooms $250/night (Bring your earplugs if you want to sleep there :))