Drink in Five Points

If we travel far away from our beloved Lower East Side / Williamsburg area, there must be a reason. And a good one! We’ve been traveling all the way up to Harlem, great neighborhood, yet to be discovered by the New Yorkers looking for fresh air. Here, only the locals know the right spots, and they keep it very secret.

By chance, one of these Harlem-lovers accepted to reveal their bar of choice in the area, and we were not disappointed.

67 orange St is the name of a small hidden cocktail bar, where southern food meets well-crafted classic cocktails. The name comes from the address of a ballroom that used to be stuck in the middle of the messy Five Points in the 1840s, and which was one of the first places to be owned by an African-American in New York. 67 Orange St is hidden behind thick velvet curtains and has been a favorite place for years.

Sat down at the bar to admire the mixologist prepare cilantro-infused cucumber vodka, or cocktails based on Earl-grey infused gin, and mix with a young and trendy crowd soaked with a prohibition vibe.

Take another sip at the northwest corner of Central Park on Frederick Douglas Blvd. Cocktails between $11 and $15 – Super tasty small plates under $10