Beer Is Dead!

Good news for all of you who pretend to like beer when they don’t. Beer might be neglected in favor of a new trend: cider!

The number of Biergarten and breweries in New York is overwhelming, and plenty of average beers are showing up. Meanwhile, a little kid from the block has been quietly growing.  Plenty of cider producers already exist all around the world, but NYC was a little bit behind the movement (for once!) with no ways to actually taste cider.

Last year, a couple, already owners of a beer bar located in Queens, had the brilliant idea to open the first dedicated cider bar in Lower East Side: Wassail.

The name “Wassail” comes from the West Country of England, where it was a ritual blessing for apple trees. It also originates from a greeting “waes hael” meaning “be well” in England.

Wassail offers almost 100 cider varieties served by the bottle, on tap or by glass. They also have a tasting menu with three samples of American or International ciders. You’d be surprised by the very different tastes and colors that cider can have.

In addition to the extensive cider menu, they have a food program conducted by Joseph Buenconsejo (Hotel Americano). It’s a vegetarian menu which pairs so well with cider. It was incredibly appetizing, tasty and healthy.

Now guess on which Lower East Side street is Wassail located?? Orchard street, of course!

Enjoy a cider tasting at Wassail on Orchard Street – 3 samples of ciders for $15, food between $15 and $20. Open for brunch also. Cheers!