This is the Summer Spot

Can’t beat the view. Can’t beat the space. This is for sure your next favorite summer spot. It might be a bit far from where you usually go out, but it’s worth the short trip. This totally chill summer spot will make you wonder how you could stand overcrowded rooftops and Biergarten for all your past summers in New York.

Order your beer, enjoy the view! Nestled in the former Coca-Cola bottles factory, this inlet of land is lost in a very industrial area. Don’t get scared by the surroundings, Anable Basin Sailing Bar & Grill is definitely our summer spot for getting beers with friends. It offers classic picnic fare, beers & cocktails. Our favorite part is that there’s always, always tables available.Our other favorite part is that the view is un-beatable. Totally outstanding. It will make you fall in love with New York again.

Anable Basin’s owner also just bought the actual factory building and will organize concerts and crazy nights there. There’s no schedule yet, but stay tuned, summer just got started!

Discover this favorite at 4-40 44th Dr., Queens (yeah ok Queens, but believe us it’s worth it)