Imperial Chinese Din Din in Williamsburg

 For most of us, Chinese food is poorly associated to Chinatown: a restaurant closing early with unbeatable cheap food and decor mainly composed of Maneki-Neko cats and bubble tea posters. Let’s be honest; it usually doesn’t trigger a delightful and memorable experience in your brain (even if we love those kimono cats). That was before we found an exception to this rule. From now on, Chinese food won’t be limited to your hangover Sunday night food only.

A year ago, Kings County Imperial opened its door in Williamsburg, but in the not-so-crowded part of WillieB, on the other side of the BQE.

The venue is composed of three different rooms and atmospheres. In the first room, there are small dark wood tables for two and two big round tables with circular red banquettes for your party of friends. The second room is like a wide and long corridor leading to the backyard. It has brick walls, a long wood bench, and metallic tables. Finally, sneak in the garden composed of large tables for groups and a lush garden full of greens and goji berries…An American couple who traveled in China and fell in love with its cuisine (especially by central region traditions) owns this restaurant.

They serve a Chinese menu influenced by American trends. The pork dumplings and the chicken buns are amazing! We also want you to try the tea smoked mu shu duck with homemade pancakes. If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll be happy to know they give a central place to veggies in their menu. Every single plate looks delicious!

And for rainbow sparkle on your ice cream, they serve soy sauce on tap! Made in Southern China exclusively for Kings County Imperial.

Before everyone knows this place, run at 20 Skillman Avenue, between Meeker and Lorimer Streets. Open Friday-Saturday until 1:00 a.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m from Sunday through Thursday.