I Love You So Matcha.

“It’s true. You’re mild and sometimes sweet, you’re super hot or wholly frozen, and that’s why I love you. You’re dancing in my heart like a cha-cha-cha. It’s true; I love you very matcha.

I talked to my ex, Mr. Coffee. I told him someone else had taken his supportive role in my heart. I wanted to wake up with something else. I said your name is Green Matcha and that you look different than Coffee, but you have won my heart with all of your superfood powers. A cup of matcha tea will fight for ten cups of coffee.

We met in Nolita, at ChaCha Matcha and it was love at first sight. The first sip was pleasantly mild and your soft-serve from the second date made me fall in love.  Your parents have adopted you from Kyoto, and I’m so happy for us that you’re now living in NYC. The long line of hipsters, skinny girls and artists lining up in front of you every weekend shows that your pink and green outfit will never be forgotten. Thank you so matcha.”

— from your new best friends, NYChéri

We’re in an open relationship, so join us at Kenmare and Mott St and count $4 for your new pick-me-up in the morning