Mini-Food Market with Maxi-Popular Restaurants

Like many of you, we gave up on the option to meet with friends at Butcher’s Daughter for a healthy Sunday Brunch. The popular vegetarian restaurant always shows a crazy line on weekends. But that was before! Now five super popular restaurants of NYC have opened a mini-food Hall on Bowery St. These five tiny stalls have limited seats, but it should expand soon. Better than Smorgasburg 🙂

Even though it’s an outdoor option, Bowery Market will be open all year round. Always dreamt of finding a solution where all of your friends can be happy with the menu selection without having to argue for hours where to go for brunch? Bowery Market might be your new favorite place! You can find top-notch Italian sandwiches from Alidoro, Mexican fare from Pulqueria (tacos & pineapples on the walls, what’s not to love!?), a four-seat sushi restaurant from Chef David Bouhadana, with a pretty reasonably priced . Even a Greenpoint favorite is represented with Champion Coffee! Great way to end up your meal with an espresso!

The memory of the body shop is still visible on top of the Champion Coffee stall with a motorcycle and graffitis that surprisingly melt well with the particular design of each stall, representing the identity of each restaurant. So cute! Can we do brunch every day?

Outdoor brunch without lining up 2h is at the corner of Great Jones & Bowery (Noho) – Open from 8 am to 9 pm every day! And make sure to check out the Japanese Premium Butcher across the street. It’s hiding the famous Bohemian restaurant. Also the home of Basquiat at some point (OMG, too much info!! :))