Making Up with Your Inner Meat Lover

Barbecue restaurants are not our favorites: against our most recent diet, against our most recent manicure, and against our most recent wish to act more like a lady….  Never say never, how they say! There’s always an exception to change our mind and make us regret being a hater on meat lovers and bbq places.

A few years ago, in South Williamsburg, a Jersey-based beef smoker, Dan Delaney, opened BrisketTown. From the street, the restaurant looks like a speakeasy: no sign, no windows, just a random door. Inside, there is only one room with a bar area, exposed brick walls and candlelit tables for two or more. The intimate atmosphere creates the perfect spot for a lovely dinner for a date or catching up with your best friends.

Also, even if you’re not a meat person, the smell of the food will probably make you hungry right away!

With a good selection of wine, cocktails, and beers, BrisketTown is moving away from the Biergarten atmosphere you usually expect in a barbecue place.

The meat is incredible, very qualitative, and slow-smoked. It comes with pickles and raw onions (advice of the day: to avoid if you’re there for a date). It’s so tender and tasty that you do not need any sauce with. Sides are simple but delicious too and they have fresh-made pies for dessert!

Last but not least, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you will get a free meat meal for your birthday! Yay!

To rediscover or enjoy meat: BrisketTown or Delaney Barbecue, 359 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg. Close to Marcy Ave stop (J,M,Z). Monday – Friday : 5pm – 11pm, Sat-Sunday : 12pm – 11pm. Meat per lb around $13, sides around $5.