The Restaurant for Your Ears (and Mouth)

We should have written this article just after we went to Panorama Festival. We had a blast with LCD Soundsystem, James Murphy, and All My Friends, and we couldn’t wait any longer before meeting them again. How fortunate was it that the next day after the Festival, we had the chance to meet with them again! Well, not really but virtually. We tried out the excellent James Murphy’s restaurant: The Four Horsemen.

There’s nothing we can say to describe the food which was beyond any expectations. Someone Great must be cooking. James was probably not Losing My Edge when he designed this place. With a minimalist decor and an hipsterish Scandinavian vibe (we let you go in person to see what we mean here), music and acoustic have a central part in the venue. The sound system has been designed to Dance Yrslf Clean. Regarding drinks, the staff is expert enough to recommend  the one bottle of their natural wines that you will love (really love), without making you feel uncomfortable if you don’t know what you’re talking about at all. And that  requests a real professional touch. New York, I love you, but you’re bringing me down…. Definitely not this time! 

Don’t hold your horses for this culinary & oenologic experience and ride to Grand St in Brooklyn. A little pricey, but definitely is worth it. ❤