Good Vibes Only

They imagined a place where it would feel like home, but better. Where everyone could be reunited at the same table, like in a big family house. They imagined their success story in Williamsburg, inspired by other small business owners of the neighborhood. It took life in a cute & welcoming coffee shop, open all day, with communal benches, vintage toy kids and adults sipping on good coffee and working on their laptops. Except on weekends, where a laptop-free policy is in place, so you can talk to your neighbor and start to feel the community vibe, or just reunite with yourself and enjoy your book.

ReUnion is located on… You guessed it, Union Ave. Right at the bottom of newly build luxury condos, this small Israeli coffee shop is a pretty bubble of things we like: fresh & local ingredients for the food, great coffee, welcoming staff and good vibes from customers. The menu is made of Israel-influenced items, like Schnitzel, Falafel or Shakshooka, but also featured one of our favorite Kale Salad in New York, pancakes or egg rolls. It’s one of the places where you want to stop the time and enjoy the last summer sun rays on the outdoor terrasse or enjoy the AC inside, entirely wrapped with daylight for hours and hours. We could even wake up early to enjoy a real breakfast before going to work! Ok, ok, not quite true, the New York Cheri team lives and / or works few blocks away, but that’s just making us love ReUnion even more.

And you know what, it’s right in front of one of our favorite Italian restaurant, Lilia. So we’ll leave you here, and if you want to find us, we probably have a coffee at ReUnion, chilling in McCarren Park or eating pasta at Lilia…

Stop the time in Williamsburg, on Union Ave and North 10th and enjoy your book with a Kale Salad (yes, you will like this one) for $12, breakfast for $14 or Granola for $8. Coffee served: Stumptown Coffee and pastries from Robertas! We told you, they go local 🙂  And oh…Look at Biggie on the restrooms’ wallpaper 😀