Thank God It’s Fish Friday!

Ever wondered where your favorite bagel shop was buying their smoked salmon or gravlax? Ok, maybe you never thought about it. But we did 🙂 And we found where most of our favorite stores like Black Seed Bagels or Frankel’s are getting it!

Located in the industrial part of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, the Acme Smoked Fish Factory, opened in 1954, is providing smoked fish to many of the most famous places in New York. Once a week on Friday mornings, they open their doors to the public to sell fish, and it’s quite a unique experience!

So wake up early (it opens at 8 am) and first thing first, stop by The Lot Radio to get a coffee, because we know you need it. Then follow the smell of the burnt wood and the fish inside the industrial streets.

The factory has a big logo on his wall, but you’ll get in by a small door as if you’d be going to a speakeasy bar. Inside, there’s usually a line… But be patient, it’s worth it! (and we’re pretty sure you already waited longer to get a seat in a speakeasy)

You can’t see a lot of the factory but at some point you’ll find yourself in the middle of the warehouse. The fish is stored in a cooled area where they also sell it. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples. Surprisingly, it’s not that hard to eat a delicious piece of salmon right after coffee. You’ll never a better price for this kind of quality. Lox, gravlax, pastrami, unique recipes by David Burke, white fish, hot smoked, herring and more! The most difficult part will be to choose between all these.

We swear you’ll get out of the factory with a big smile on your face thinking of all the delicious brunches and recipes you’ll do with your spoils. See you there next week? #TGIFF

Fish fix at Acme Smoked Fish – 30 Gem St., just off North 15th – Fish Fridays every… well, Friday from 8 am until 1 pm. Cash Only.