Summer Barbecue From Japan

Losing our tan lines every day a little more, desperately dreaming about our next trip on the other side of the world… We can tell Autumn has come. However one of our many wandering in Williamsburg led us to a cute terrasse with a vintage eye-catchy sign. Salt + Charcoal, the name only sounded tasty already.

While nobody told to the skies that Autumn had kicked in, we’re taking the time to still enjoy our meals outside. So we sat down at Salt + Charcoal, with a fresh breeze and iced sake. This Japanese Robata-style restaurant made us travel for one night. If you’re not an extremist foodie, you might not know that Robata is short for Robatayaki. Helpful, right? Let me go on, this is a Japanese cooking style where small bites are cooked over a charcoal grill. What’s better than something cooked over fire with just a drop of salt? Bam! Time travel machine and we’re back to the day-long barbecue of Summer.  Add to that the Japanese cuisine finesse and a pinch of the best salts coming from all over the world, and you’ll understand why we chose this place.

Salt + Charcoal is not the type of tiny cute Japanese restaurant we usually like (like Hi-Collar), but it feels just right. Pour some of their sake selection over Wagyu Supreme with Jalapeno, or over their salmon trio and you’ll be sure to spend an excellent night!

Get your winter barbecue on Grand St & Bedford – Small plates between $8-$15 and Entrées between $18-$30. Sake served by the glass, 3 glasses carafe, 5 glasses carafe or bottles.