New York or Nowhere

If you’re reading this, you’re probably like us. Deeply & irrationally in love with New York City. Every neighborhood. Every coffee shop. Every brand. A creative agency based downtown New York has made it a statement. A lifestyle. If you’re living downtown, you might have seen their stickers “New York or Nowhere”. They’re everywhere. Especially in Nolita, where they’re based.

Originally a creative agency, Knowlita is now a full brand, designing and producing art & apparel. They have been collaborating with a Brooklyn-based artist and began to do illustrations of their favorite restaurants in Nolita. That’s where their name came from… Knowlita. Our walls are covered with their crazy illustrations and we’re now thinking about also getting one of those tote-bags!!

We’ve known them after falling in love with one of their illustrations, showcasing 12 coffee cups from NYC, created after Henry Hargreaves, photographer, had worked on a project collecting coffee cups from his travels.

Coffee Cups From NYC or Coffee Cups From Brooklyn are available online – $100. They are now at volume 2 and feature most of our favorite spots, even if we cannot write about all of them, like Maman, Dudleys, ChaCha, or Cafe Integral.