The Dockworkers Weakness

In early 1900’s, Greenpoint was the dockworkers’ kingdom. Fighting the cold winter and the harassing hot summers, those workers would find a refuge in always-open groceries and drinking stores. Now kids of the city have replaced the old dockers and the sailors, and this restaurant has emerged from the skin of a one-time abandoned hide-out.

Time has stopped at Achilles heel. Drop your skateboard into the umbrella basket, order a glass of natural wine and enjoy the chill upbeat vibe. The Chef is slowly cooking for you just close by, right behind the bar. With small plates to share, you will here enter the winter peacefully. The Empire State is playing hide & seek with you behind the blinders, and the well-known Manhattan skyline has a pleasant raw taste from this new perspective. Cured hams and wooden crates filled with the fresh produces are quietly standing on the shelves; authenticity is a queen here.

Before leaving, make sure to catch the last rays of sun on the bench outside and think about how it must have been like to work on these docks.  Jump back on your skate… or in a Uber! 😉

Achilles heel super friendly staff is waiting for you at the corner of West & Green St, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Menu changes daily but plates are between $8 and $18. Oh, and make sure to check their Hell Chicken on Sundays