Spooky Hollow

Pumpkins are popping everywhere; Fall foliage has finally started, and you might already know what costume you’re going to wear. Or not. Are you wondering what else you could do for Halloween, instead of getting out in East Village with five of your friends costumed as Santa Muerte, one way-too-drunk friends and just the wish of going home to watch a movie?

Why not escaping the city then, and find your inner walking dead in a spooky place? New York happens to be close to a city that was used more than one time in movies, TV shows, books, and cartoons… Take a shot? Spooky, Sleepy Hooollooowww! Muahahaha!

Sleepy Hollow village is located 30 miles north of the city and still has some of the main landmarks that you might have seen in the famous Tim Burton movie (or in Assassin’s Creed 😉 ). Check out this program:

  • Take the boat from Pier 45, but not without a coffee and a super yummy peanut butter cookie at The Elk. Trust us, you’ll need it to fight the cold.
  • The water taxi will take you River st., from there you can walk up on Beekman St to discover the  Phillipsburg Manor & the famous Cemetery, with the oldest church of the State. If you’re lucky, you might have an encounter with the Headless Horseman…Boohooo! Add to that the cloudy sky and an amazing fall foliage, and you’ll get the full spooky Halloween experience.
  • Stop for lunch at JP Doyles for an excellent burger and some beer. Nothing fancy here, just warm food and people. Or hit the local market for some fresh fare.
  • Before leaving, don’t miss walking around Tarrytown. Main St is actually cuter than Sleepy Hollow “city center.”
  • Reward yourself by enjoying a hot chocolate in one of the big sofas at Muddy Water Coffee to warm up a little. And play some games while waiting for the next boat!

Happy Halloween!

Don’t try to find the famous bridge, it doesn’t exist 😦 Water Taxi – $25 round trip or catch the train to Sleepy Hollow.