Your Next Instagram Dream: Open-Air Museum

Every weekend is a new occasion to discover outdoor areas around New York, especially before the real winter kicks in. Escape the city to vanish into nature, magnified by the Fall foliage & combine it to some of the biggest art structures of NYC. Sounds like a real “instagrammable” city escape, right?

The name of that idyllic place: Storm King Art Center. It’s in the Hudson Valley, close to Cornwall. It will probably take you 1h30 by car to get there from the city. It’s a huge 500 acres open-air museum with a surprising collection of contemporary sculptures (around 100 art pieces). The place has meadows, open fields, rolling hills and woodlands and it’s the perfect balance between art and nature. The gigantic sculptures are strategically placed in the landscape to create great views (and very cool pics ;)). And you will feel so small under those giant metal constructions.

Be creative, play with the art, roll down the hill, overuse Boomerang and enjoy a new kind of Sunday Funday.

You better go soon because the park will close end of November and will reopen only in April.

Storm King Art Center: $15. Package Bus roundtrip + ticket:  $47. You can also go by train, stop at Cornwall station and then take a cab or rent a car with all your friends. Have fun!